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Surgical Face Lifts

Surgical face lifts are cosmetic surgery procedures carried out under a general anaesthetic. In the UK, a cosmetic surgery facelift should be carried out by a surgeon in a hospital or clinic registered with the Healthcare Commission. 




Surgical Face Lifts Abroad
Many people now travel abroad to save money and get cheap face lifts. Countries such as Brazil and Eastern Europe have expert plastic surgeons, and face lift costs can be much cheaper than the UK.

Neck Lift Surgery
Neck lifts remove saggy skin to give a more youthful appearance. Cervicoplasty is the surgical neck lift procedure used to remove excess skin.

Face Lift Surgery Loans
You will find some cosmetic surgery clinics offer 0% loans and finance, so compare what loans are available. 

Brow Lifts   Mini Face Lifts
The purpose of a brow lift or forehead lift is to remove lines from the brow, smooth the forehead, and reduce drooping eyelids.   Mini face lifts have less risks and side effects than those associated with full surgical face lifts. Recovery time for mini face lifts is about 2 days.
Top 5 Cosmetic Surgery Procedures   Cosmetic Surgery for Ethnic Groups
 Cosmetic surgery procedures include face lifts, nose job, liposuction, brow lift and breast enhancement surgery. The nose job or rhinoplasty is the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure.   More members of ethnic groups are turning to cosmetic surgery to enhance their natural beauty and restore a youthful glow.

Signs of Poorly Done Face Lift - What Are The Signs of a Bad Facelift
By Dr. Jim Greene

Due to the possibilities of complications as well as your choice of surgeons, you may run a chance of having a botched face lift. While this chance may be smaller than that of any possible complications, it is still a possibility. If you have a poorly done face lift, everyone will be able to tell almost immediately as you enter the room. Sometimes it can be so bad that people may even stare.

The point in having a face lift to begin with is to have a more youthful appearance, unfortunately, if the face lift is done poorly, you may end up with quite the opposite.

  It is not uncommon for a person who has a poorly done face lift to end up with an unnatural look. This comes from the skin being pulled too tightly and may sometimes be the fault of the surgeon taking cutting too much skin away at the pull points.

This can happen at just one point, or in the cases of an uncertified plastic surgeon, all of the pull points may end up too tight and therefore not only having an unnatural look to it, your face may also appear to be too dry as well.

In general, there are 3 major pull points associated with a facelift. These pull points include the top of the scalp at the hairline as well as below the ears at the cheek bone. In the event that the face lift is performed poorly, the patient would end up loosing part, if not all of his or her earlobe. The reason for this is if the skin is pulled too tightly, the loose hanging skin of the earlobe is stretched across the area. Once again, this gives off a very unnatural look since not too many people are born without earlobes.

The truth is that a poorly done face lift can be avoided if you spend the time to ensure that you have a qualified surgeon who has a substantial amount of experience in face lifts. There are many plastic surgeons out there that specialize in only one or two types of procedures, while others will do just about any of them. The one who has more experience in face lifts and who is also the one who specializes in them is less likely to botch the surgery. Like any surgeon, you are not going to have a heart surgeon perform a brain surgery are you, then why not make sure you choose a specialist who knows face lifts.

Dr. Jim Greene would like to provide you with some GREAT RESOURCES regarding:

Face Lift

Face Lift Before After Pictures

Plastic surgery

The above resources are critical in your understanding of plastic surgery and surgery procedures. The resources will help you make a better informed decision about face lift surgery.


Visit the Department of Health website for information on surgical face lifts and procedures to reduce flabby jowls and smooth the jaw line, face lift results and risks.

For the BUPA  fact sheet on surgical face lifts click here


Surgical face lifts are cosmetic surgery procedures. In the UK, cosmetic surgery facelifts should be carried out in a hospital or clinic registered with the Healthcare Commission.

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