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Stop Smoking Tips

Smoking gives you wrinkles, so stop smoking and do your face a favour!Smoking gives you ageing lines around the lipsStop smoking to prevent lines and wrinkles on your face.Smoking stains your teeth: non smokers have a whiter smile than smokers. 

There are several ways by which one can quit smoking without undergoing extreme deprivation and depression. When handled properly, quitting smoking can be an easy and quick task. Here are 10 ways to help smokers quit smoking in no time:

If you stop smoking, the risk of getting a heart attack is reduced by 50% and this is within a 24 hour period of quitting. The risk of having a stroke or a brain aneurysm is also decreased by a further 30% to 50% if you stop smoking and extend your life right now.

Smoking hypnosis has been proven effective by thousands of smokers. As the word gets out the popularity will grow. There are no pills, staples or any other side effects that you need to worry about interfering with medications or other areas of your life. Stopping smoking by hypnosis is completely safe and certainly a good way to quit the most addicting habit of your life.

Finally, during yet another attempt to quit smoking, I took a smoker's profile test to see if I could find out what it was that attracted me to smoking in the first place. I learned from it that I was a social smoker, meaning that I mostly smoked when I was with other people. I decided it was time to break free of bad habits, even if I lost a few smoking buddies.

Why do we smoke, when we all know that it is not good for health. Learn about stress related reasons for smoking and how to quit. The most common reason people give for smoking is to relieve stress. Perhaps smoking is just a habit and does not really make us feel less anxious or stressed.
  People with allergies sometimes are sensitive to cigarette smoke. Even those who donít have allergies may not care for the smell of tobacco or the resulting smoke that can irritate airways. If you or someone in your family is a smoker, you can follow these tips for families with smoking allergies which will limit others in the household to problems caused by second-hand smoke.

Smoking cessation will almost always lead to a longer and healthier life. Stopping in early adulthood can add up to 10 years of healthy life and stopping in one's 60s can still add 3 years of healthy life (Doll et al, 2004). Stopping smoking is also associated with better mental health and spending less of one's life with diseases of old age.


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