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Skin Problems: Problem Skin and Treatments

Many of us have problem skin such as oily skin, open pores and acne.

Get advice on the most basic and common skin problems, their causes and treatments.



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Different Skin Problems And Their Treatments      by Low Jeremy

The skin can make or break a person's appearance. One can have the perfect features but without the flawless skin to go with it, you won't be able to stand out in the crowd.

Despite the exodus of products in the market that help in caring for the skin, there are still a lot of people who are not in the best shape when it comes to their skin. Treating the skin can be a problem especially when you are not aware of what the cause and the nature of the problem.

Below are some of the most basic and common skin problems, their causes and their solutions. Read on and you might get some great advice about it.



1. Wrinkles and lines

This is perhaps the number one fear of most people lines and wrinkles, which are signs of aging. Besides growing old, this is also caused by too much exposure to the sun as well as repeated use of muscles.

Early intervention is perhaps the best solution. Always wear sunblock, which will protect your skin from the harsh rays of the sun. Sunscreens that have SPH 15 and higher protect your skin from both UVB and UVA. Get a sunscreen that will also moisturize your skin. This is especially true with people who have dry skins.


  2. Enlarged pores

Although this is not really much of a problem as compared to wrinkles and lines in the face, some people are still worried about this as large pores are more prone to acne and pimple problems. This is because dead skin cells and grime tend to clog the pores, leading to acne.

There is actually nothing that one can do with large pores as we are gifted with this from birth. The only thing that one can do is to prevent the clogging of the pores by removing make-up and washing your face before going to sleep. UV rays can also cause the opening of the pores so it is important to protect your skin well.

3. Dark Spots

This has actually been the problem of people who are already in their middle ages. Still, with the extreme heat of the sun and people's penchant for sunbathing, many young people nowadays have developed dark spots on their skin. Dark spots are the result of the overactive production of melanin as a response to extreme heat.

Sunscreen. Sunscreen. Sunscreen. Need we say more?
One should also look for products that have vitamin C and E, which helps in preventing brown spots.

4. Skin disorders like Rosacea

Rosacea a chronic and lifelong skin condition, which usually affects the face has become one of the most common skin diseases that Americans with 1:20 ratio. It is said that women are more affected especially in the or earlier years compared to men. But more men progress to the advanced stages when they reach 40 and above.

Research says that rosacea, commonly characterized by various skin disorders like skin flushing, appearance of reddish or purplish discoloration, permanent enlargements of small blood vessels, and enlarged, red, swollen nose, has become one of the most difficult to manage because of its sporadic nature.


Dermatologists, despite having the knowledge in managing the skin disease, still cannot pinpoint the exact cause of rosacea. Theories explain that overexposure to the sun, skin mites, infection with common bacteria, and genetic defects in the arrangement of blood vessels in the skin are some of suspected causes of rosacea. Although these signs and symptoms are not health hazards, they can be a cause of great discomfort that will eventually lead to loss of self-esteem.

There is no definite cure for rosacea yet, more and more products are created to manage the disease. In fact, dermatologists now recognize a prelude to rosacea called pre-rosacea where treatment can be done even before the skin disease is full blown.

Several topical and oral medications like antibiotic creams and gels can help tame bumps and pimples while laser therapy can fade redness and blood vessels are be used and performed to control flushing while lessening skin discoloration and swollen blood vessels. Other prescribed rosacea skin care treatments include steroids, retnoids, and accutane.

Aside from taking these topical and laser treatments, most dermatologists agree that the ultimate rosacea skin care treatment lies on the person's lifestyles especially on their eating habits. To avoid the occurrence of rosacea, refrain from eating foods high in B6 and B12 doses, chocolates, tomatoes, garlic, wine, citrus fruits, eggplants, avocadoes, spinach, raisins, figs, bananas, hot beverages, hard liquor, beer, cheeses, yogurts, sour creams, milk, hot sausages, red, black and white peppers, vinegar, paprika, and marinated meats. Reduction of stress levels and direct exposure to sunlight must also be avoided.

For people who suffer from rosacea, it is very important to learn the current and future physiological and psychological effects of apart from focusing too much on the aesthetic aspect. It is also equally important for the rosacea patient to get support and advice from family members and relatives in combating this skin disease.

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Many people have a skin problem, which could include dry, itchy skin, acne, eczema, oily skin, uneven skin pigmentation. The  Medic8 A-Z guide details common skin problems. You can also find common questions and answers to skin If you have a persistent skin problem, you may need to see a consultant dermatologist, who specialises in treating skin problems. See your local GP for advice and if necessary, you will be referred to a dermatology consultant.

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