semi permanent makeup - permanent make up - semi permanent lipstick - semi permanent eyebrows - semi permanent eye liner

Semi permanent make up gives you perfectly shaped eye brows without eye brow liner.No need for lipstick when you have semi permanent make up applied to your lips.Semi permanent make up helps you look great without having to apply daily make up to your face.


Semi-Permanent Make Up, Semi Permanent Lipstick, Eyebrows and Eye Liner

Consider not having to apply eyebrow liner, lipstick and eye liner everyday and looking naturally good the minute you wake up! Now you can have permanent lipstick, perfectly shaped eyebrows, and permanent eye liner. 

The procedure for applying semi-permanent make up is similar to having a tattoo, and is applied by a trained beauty therapist who will use a needle to place colour just under the surface of the skin.  You choose the make up colour that is applied to your lips, eyes and eyebrow. Semi-permanent make up will gradually fade as new skin grows.




Semi Permanent Lip Make up:
Before and After Pictures


Cosmetic Tattoo Supplies  

  The new millennium has brought with it a consistently rising demand for a new tattoo related procedure, sometimes vaguely referred to as permanent makeup. For the tattoo artist, this can be a very financially positive new rave, but at the same time, it can be quite frightening. The frightening end of the process comes with the realization that the parts of the body that these procedures take place on are very sensitive areas, such as the eyelids and the lips.

The actual purpose of this technique is to tattoo on certain shades of ink so that the target subject appears to be wearing makeup at all times. This saves a great amount of time for the person getting the permanent makeup, however, the only drawback of it is that it is not removable. As with most tattoos, there usually are no second chances. If you are considering this procedure, think long and hard before taking this step as there is no turning back... 

Author: Sarah Freeland


Permanent Make Up Could be the Ultimate Make Up

Now's the Time to Enter Into the World of Permanent Make Up
Permanent makeup is also known as micropigmentation or micropigment implantation. It is a cosmetic technique that allows for makeup to be tattooed onto your skin. It is really a state of the art quality process that allows for very authentic looking makeup applications.

In effect, it is a tiny individual implantation of pigment which is placed directly into your skin (the dermal layer of your skin) that permanently marks the coloring of your skin...

Author: Rachel Ann

YouTube video "makeup techniques" from Emmy Award winning makeup artist, Eve Pearl as an alternative to costly, painful and permanent plastic surgeries.

  If you are looking for freedom from makeup, permanent makeup can give you the freedom to look your best at anytime. You can transition immediately from work to an evening out without having to be a slave to the mirror for touch ups; just a quick powder and you're out the door.

Permanent makeup looks more natural than any topical application of makeup as the pigments become a part of your skin and don't smear or smudge. It's an investment that is worthy when done by the right professional... where the results are natural-looking and provide a prettier you...

Author: Joan Freedman



Department of Health information on semi-permanent makeup/dermagraphics treatments, results and risks.



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