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      RIOŽ 60 SECOND NECK TONER™    Feel the difference after just one use

  Improve your neck contours in just 3 minutes a day with the Rio 60 Second Neck Toner


Improve the Contours of Your Neck in Just 3 Minutes a Day!
Three 60 second programmes for toning the whole neck and chin area. Target tone the ‘double chin' alone in just 60 seconds a day. Feel the effect after just one use and see the results in just a few days. Uses advanced EMS (Electro-Muscle-Stimulation) to exercise the supporting muscles, increase circulation and improve lymphatic drainage.

The resulting EMS muscle contractions cause toning, strengthening and combat flabbiness.

To use apply a generous amount of conductive gel to each of the gold contacts and place in one of just three positions. Turn on and the toning action will begin. You have total control easily increasing or decreasing the intensity while feeling the muscles contracting and relaxing in a rhythmic toning workout. We recommend using the 60 Second Neck Toner TM for a maximum of 60 seconds on any one treatment area and for just 3 minutes in total per session.


Tone your neck in 3 minutes a day with the Rio 60 Second Neck Toner.

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