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Natural Beauty Products

The choice of beauty products today can be confusing. Day cream, eye cream, night moisturisers, neck and skin firming products, toner, face masks and exfoliating treatments.

You may be using too many different products and this can aggravate your skin, not to mention making a dent in your purse!.

Give your skin a breather and try some natural beauty products which you may already have in the kitchen cupboard.

    Beauty Tips and Secrets

1.  Your skin will look firmer and plumper of it is hydrated, so drink plenty of water, especially between meals.

2. Get 8 hours sleep every night.

3.  Sleeping on your back may prevent some wrinkles, as you are not creating creases while you sleep with the side of your face on the pillow.

4.  Use Vaseline at night on your eyelashes and eyebrows. This is a fantastic conditioner and helps to darken your eye lashes.

5. Rub your face with a towel after washing for exfoliation without any products.

6. Splash your face with cold water after cleaning to close the pores and act as a natural skin toner.

7. Hair conditioner makes a great shaving cream for your legs, so you don't need to buy a separate product.

8. Exfoliate hands, feet and legs by mixing salt with vegetable oil or baby oil and rubbing it over the skin.

9. If you need an emergency spot clearer, a tiny dab of toothpaste on the spot overnight quickly dries and clears the spot.

10. Vinegar and lemon juice are great for making your hair shine. Sprinkle on to your hair after the final wash, comb through the hair and rinse off. Blondes should use lemon juice as vinegar can darken the hair colour.

11. Wear a hat to protect your face from the ageing effects of the sun, and use sunscreen with at least SPF 15 all year round.



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