Causes and treatment of marionette lines from the mouth to the chin

Marionette Lines

~ how to remove mouth to chin lines
~ causes of marionette lines
~ remove lines with dermal fillers
~ marionette lines can be caused by
    weight loss, ageing and sun damage



What Causes Marionette Lines

Marionette lines take their name from marionette puppets, as the lines run from the corners of the mouth down to the chin and resemble the mouth of a puppet These lines are caused when the skin loses elasticity due to the ageing process and damaging effects of exposure to the sun. Weight loss can also cause marionette lines, when fat is lost on the face and causes crease lines from the mouth to the nose.

Treatment of Marionette Lines

Face lift surgery and dermal fillers are effective treatments for marionette lines. There are no creams which would effectively remove marionette lines from the face. Dermal fillers such as Radiesse, Restylane and Sculptra can thicken the skin and reduce the marionette fold lines. 



Correct Those Down Turned Corners Of The Mouth!
By Dr Barry Eppley


As women age, the mouth area changes for many. Some women will lose lip size, upper and lower lip wrinkles start to appear, and the corners of the mouth start to draw down. These mouth changes create an unhappy appearance to the once vibrant and youthful mouth area.

The use of any of the injectable fillers can be done to not only increase the size of the lips and puff out some of the fine wrinkles, but can be used to temporarily lift the corners of the mouth as well. While injectable filler treatments are not permanent, they are quick and easy to do.

The corner of the mouth lift is a surgical option that has lasting effects. It is an old procedure that has been around for many decades.


The corner of the mouth lift should be more popular than it is given that it is a minor procedure that can be performed alone in the office or as part of many other facial rejuvenation procedures.

The downhanging mouth corner can be raised by taking a very small triangle of skin from just above the overhanging area which provides an immediate leveling of the corner of the mouth.

It is a very powerful procedure for such a small removal of skin and one must be careful not to overdo it by raising the corner of the mouth too far up and having too long of a scar. It does create a very small scar at the corner of the mouth but it is nearly indetectable if done right.





Women really love this procedure and are delighted that something so simple can make such a difference. When done in the office under local anesthesia, other rejuvenating lip procedures can be done simultaneously. Grooves that extend from the downturned corners of the mouth, otherwise known as 'marionette lines', will also need treated by some of filling material whether it be fat, injectable fillers, or implants. For those patients with chronic irritation due to salivary overflow (a condition known as angular cheilitis), a corner of the mouth may even be curative as it rearranges the angulation of the 'spout' and creating a more competent lip dam effect.


Dr Barry Eppley, board-certified plastic surgeon of Indianapolis, writes a daily blog on plastic surgery at based on his own plastic surgery practice experiences and observations.


  Marionette lines are fold lines from the mouth to the chin. Face lift surgery and dermal fillers are effective treatments for marionette lines. Weight loss, ageing and sun damage can cause marionette lines.  

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