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Aging Upper Lip Lines  

One of the features of facial aging that bothers women the most is the development of upper lip lines. Whether they be small fine lines that are at the junction of the skin and upper lip or much deeper lines that extend vertically way up into the skin...women hate they indicate a more aged mouth look and in more severe cases allows lipstick to bleed up into the lines.

Many patients think it is due to smoking and chronic sun exposure (and clearly these can make a big contribution) but the reality is a function of full your lips are and how thick your skin is.




Treatment choices are based on three achievable objectives; diminish the muscle movement (Botox), plump up the lips or fill the lip lines (injectable fillers), or 'sand' down the wrinkles. (dermabrasion or laser resurfacing). Any combination of two or more of these will produce a better result in most patients.

Author: Dr Barry Eppley 


If you want to get fuller lips, there are various lip enhancement procedures to consider which will enhance the shape and fullness of lips. Lip augmentation treatments range from the temporary effect of simple lip plumping lipsticks, to lip implant surgery, where the lips are cut and lip implants are inserted.

Lip augmentation before and after photos.



Lip Injection Treatment Video

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Lip Enhancing Injections: Key Facts

lip plumping injections enhance lip definition

enhance lips
remove fine lines around the mouth
treatments last around 6 months
initial swelling may last 48 hours
quick treatments with local anaesthetic
Watch the lip injection treatment video to see instant results. Get fuller lips with dermal lip filler injections. Enhance the shape and fullness of lips with one quick treatment.

Women aren't the only ones who want softer, fuller lips. Men whose lips are thin and hard may portray a steely attitude in the boardroom; however, men with fuller lips look more attractive, boyish and younger.

Lips are soft tissue and as a man or woman begins to mature, volume dissipates which means tissue shrinks.

Recently over the counter glosses, lipsticks, and other types of topical preparations have been introduced promising fuller, poutier lips with more definition and volume. Many women and men want fuller lips because poutier lips make them feel sexier and more alluring. Consumers are willing to spend a lot of money to have "the look"; but not everyone agrees that the topicals deliver what they have promised. Dr. Sam Most, Chief of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the University of Washington in Seattle asked seven women to use a certain topical whose website says their product increases actual lip volume and contour an average of 40.7 percent; Dr. Most said, "In subjects who used the product as directed over a long term there was no visible change in the lips."

Author: Cynthia Rowland


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  To learn about techniques used for lip augmentation, and the risks and side effects of lip enhancement treatments, visit the Wikipedia article "Lip Enhancement"

Get fuller lips with lip plumping lipsticks, lip injections or lip implants.


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