Eyebrow Transplants


Eyebrow transplant before and after pictures


Transplanting hair to the eyebrows



Eyebrow Hair Loss Restored with Transplants


Eyebrow transplants can restore hair lost by years of over plucking. Full, natural eyebrows are created with your own hair, which is transplanted from the back of the head to your eye brows.

Eyebrow Transplants Explained

Do you wish you could have full eyebrows again? Tired of using an eyebrow pencil? It is possible to restore the eyebrows to their natural look using a simple office based hair transplant procedure. By using follicular grafting technology, individual hairs can be replaced to form a natural appearing eyebrow. In an office based procedure, eyebrow restoration can be accomplished in an afternoon without general anesthesia or a hospital stay.

Author: D.J. Verret


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