Eva Fraser facial exercises help you gain a firmer, youthful face.

Eva Fraser Face Exercises 

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Eva Fraser Facial Exercises

Eva Fraser's fitness programme describes how one can combat ageing of the face through regular facial exercise.

As we grow older the facial muscles slacken through under use and the skin droops, forming pouches, bags under the eyes and wrinkles.

The facial muscles need exercises in the same way as the rest of the body. Eva Fraser face exercises will help you gain firmer, youthful skin.

Fully illustrated throughout, the facial exercise book includes 5 workout programmes.






Reviews of Eva Fraser Facial Exercises




I am 43 but mistaken for 33

This book is wonderful - it is positive and it actually works!

My only advice - takes helluva lot of effort and time to get past the shakey unused face muscles bits and you have to really force yourself to keep going - but even after 2 sessions for 2 days you WILL see/feel improvements. After 2 months change to your own tailored plan for those disliked areas.
Its natural, cheap and fun to watch yourself improve over the months. No expensive unnatural cosmetic butchering, its YOU, done by YOU! Eva is a wonderful person to pass this wisdom on!

  Perfectly proportioned facelift

I have known about Eva Frasiers facial workout for a number of years and originally bought the video several years ago.

I have performed the excercises on and off over this period but recent years have forced me (due to age and looking older) to pursue facial exercises permenately as part of my daily health regime.

In less than six months the results are amazing - no more baggy eyes, I have fuller cheeks, much improved skin tone and lifted jowls - if you take the time to excercise your body then take the time to excercise your face - after all not everyone sees your bum but they do see your face! 

One of the best facial exercise books     A good book with sound advice
Eva Fraser is an expert at her field. Eva's programme is one that will improve everyone's facial features. Being a male, I have never really paid much attention to my face and someone once made a nasty comment which caused me to become upset. This is an excellent introduction to Facial exercises. When you consider the cover has Eva at the age of 60+ you will see this does have remarkable results.

As I mention in my summary this was one of the first of Eva's books and is a classic, but in my opinion I found her second book entitled "Eva Fraser's Face and Body Programme" to be a masterpiece as this also includes a section on conditioning you body in the same way!

    By the time I had worked my way through to doing the Basic Workout Plus exercises I discovered that my chin was no longer one continuous line down from my ear but had a rather delicate shape of it's own!

I don't think this book is for everyone - some people will see and immediate effect, some may have to work through to the end of the programme and some won't see any effect at all - but then we are all different.

There is more to this book than just the facial workout, it covers nutrition, general flexibility exercises and massage. Considering what you get for the price you pay this book is a worthwhile addition to your collection


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