Lipomassage and endermologie treatments for cellulite removal and body contouring

Lipomassage for Cellulite Removal and Body Contouring

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Lipomassage by Endermologie is the Lazy Way to Improve Your Body Shape

If you have areas of body fat which are resistant to diet and exercise, then lipomassage with an endermologie machine may be the solution. Lipo massage is a relaxing treatment which should be performed by a therapist trained certified by LPG Systems.

All you do is relax on a couch while a therapist applies the machine to your arms, legs and body, concentrating on your problem areas such as flabby arms, tummy, waist, love handles, thighs, back, double chins and cellulite.

Lipomassage works on fat, cellulite and body contours. The endermologie machine gives a deep massage and compresses the problem areas between motorised rollers. This stimulates the deep tissue layers and has a scientifically proven action on fat cell metabolism.






Endermoligie Liposmassage


Lipomassage is a relaxing treatment that does not use any creams or gels. You will be provided with a body stocking to wear during your lipomassage sessions, this is for modesty and hygiene.

Endermologie machines can be used to work on problem areas including loose skin, flabby arms, tummy, waist, love handles, thighs, back, double chins and cellulite.

Lipomassage results vary for each person. You should see improvement to your body after 6-8 treatments. A course of 15 sessions is usually required to achieve results, the first 6 treatments are done over 2 weeks, and then twice a week until the desired result is achieved. You will then require a monthly maintenance endermologie treatment.          Endermologie before and after picture

Review Endermologie results with Endermologie before and after pictures.   

Endermologie Banishes Cellulite
By A Aaronson

Cellulite is every woman's worst enemy. The cottage cheese-like fat deposits are often the result of genetics and cannot be improved with diet, exercise, or creams. Even if you're rail thin or run ten miles every day, you still can suffer from this symptom.

Previously cosmetic surgery procedures like liposuction were used to reduce its appearance, but that merely sucks out the extra fat. It doesn't reduce the dimpling effect that cellulite creates. The problem is that cellulite comprises the topmost layer of fat below the skin's surface. Liposuction targets fat below this.

So what solution is there for this unfortunate curse of cottage cheese thighs? A new cosmetic surgery technique called Endermologie may finally smoothen those dimples once and for all. The procedure uses a massage technique that irons out the skin. Rollers penetrate deep into the tissue while suctioning and relocates the skin. This helps diminish the appearance of pits on the surface of the skin. For optimal results, multiple sessions over an extended period of time are suggested. Anywhere from 15 to 30 treatments may be necessary with continued sessions for a lifetime afterwards to maintain the smoothened appearance.


The initial 20 or so sessions will be comparable in price to a single dose of liposuction, or close to $2,000. But since Endermologie requires multiple treatments, in the end it will cost considerably more. However, while not a permanent procedure like liposuction, it is the only one that successfully removes cellulite.

Ideal candidates for the procedure are healthy men and women of around middle age when cellulite is more noticeable but still controllable. Having healthy weight and being physically fit is important to achieve the desired results. Those who are overweight or do not exercise regularly will see disappointing or no results at all. Drinking plenty of water before the procedure and habitually afterwards is also suggested by cosmetic surgeons. The skin should be well hydrated and cared for in order for the process to work.

After the procedure you can expect to be slightly sore as if you've just had a very intense massage. If you're prone to bruising, you might experience this as well. The process itself can be uncomfortable for some people, but generally it is well tolerated and can even feel refreshing. You should be able to return to normal activity immediately, but a few hours of rest is recommended to avoid further aggravation or tenderness.


Endermologie is a long-term commitment. Unlike liposuction, it does not remove fat, but merely masks its appearance. The cellulite remains there, but rather than appearing lumped together, it's dispersed to camouflage it. As of now there are still no permanent means to completely remove unwanted cellulite. If you're willing to put the effort and time into repeated sessions, Endermologie might be a solution to your cottage cheese woes.

Endermologie is often performed in spas by certified and experienced technicians and licensed massage therapists. If you think Endermologie is right for you, contact your local technician and discuss the options available.

Cosmetic surgery Washington DC offers a new technique, Endermologie that smoothens the fat deposits of cellulite in the body. If exercising and dieting is not causing any benefits, you can contact the Center for Plastic Surgery, for more information on the procedure.

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