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    Dry Skin Treatments  

Dry skin problems can appear on the face and body. Dry skin is a common problem on the face, hands, arms and legs.

The causes of dry skin include a genetically inherited skin type, a warm indoor climate, excessive exposure to the sun and sunbeds, washing with soap, over use of harsh skin products, and allergic reactions to certain products. 

If you have dry skin on the body, do not shower more than once a day, and use a gentle shower gel rather than soap. If you prefer soap, use a mild soap with a PH value which will not irritate the skin.

  Turn down the heating at home, get out more in the fresh air, and try to have windows open.

Use moisturisers on arms, hands and legs as well as the face if you have dry skin there. You don't need to buy expensive products. Many supermarkets sell good value quality products, such as aloe vera body lotion which is non greasy and easily absorbed.

Dry skin can be a sign of inflammatory skin problems such as eczema and dermatitis, so consult your doctor or pharmacist if your skin does not improve or the condition worsens.


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