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Face Lift Procedures

Brow Lifts
The purpose of a brow lift or forehead lift is to remove lines from the brow, smooth the forehead, and reduce drooping eyelids.

Mini Face Lifts
Mini face lifts have less risks and side effects than those associated with full surgical face lifts. Recovery time for mini face lifts is about 2 days.

Rhinoplasty Nose Job
Advice on nose job surgery, nose job costs, recovery after a nose job, types of rhinoplasty procedures and prices, what to expect before and after nose jobs, choosing a rhinoplasty cosmetic surgeon.




    Top 5 Cosmetic Surgery Procedures Cosmetic surgery procedures include face lifts, nose job, liposuction, brow lift and breast enhancement surgery. The nose job and boob jobs are the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures.

Surgical Neck Lifts
Neck lifts remove saggy skin to give a more youthful appearance. Cervicoplasty is the surgical neck lift procedure used to remove excess skin.

Cosmetic Surgery Abroad
Many people now travel abroad to save money and get cheap face lifts. Countries such as Brazil and Eastern Europe have expert plastic surgeons, and face lift costs can be much cheaper than the UK.

Cosmetic Surgery Loans
You will find some cosmetic surgery clinics offer 0% loans and finance, so compare what loans are available. 


The Limited Facelift - Small Operation, Quick Recovery
By Dr Barry Eppley 

A facelift, medically known as a rhytidectomy, is a powerful cosmetic operation that can dramatically improve sagging jowls and necks.

Despite the popularity today of many non-surgical facial rejuvenation methods, more facelifts are done today than ever before. Yet there remains two basic misunderstandings about the facelift procedure.

First, the facelift only improves the neck and jowl area, not the entire face. Quite frankly, a facelift would be better named a necklift but the old name is still widely used. 

Second, a facelift is not done the same on everyone. It is a versatile procedure that is adapted to the needs of each patient's aging face. It is this approach that has created the number of facelift options that are available today.

  Traditionally, a full facelift dramatically improves the entire neck (loose skin in the middle of the neck, a.k.a., neck waddle) and jowl and involves incisions in front of as well as behind the ear to create that effect. The full facelift is typically used in someone a little older (50s and 60s), who has never had any surgery before. Today, patients do not want to wait that long before looking better, so facelift procedures are done at a younger age, usually in the 40s or early 50s age range. But the same full facelift is not needed at this age because the face is not as aged.

As a result, smaller or limited facelift approaches have become popular. They go by many names, Lifestyle Lifts, Mini-Facelifts, S- Lift, Q-Lifts, etc, but they are basically the same procedure. A smaller version of a full facelift is done with only an incision in front of the ear used. This creates a lift of the jowls primarily with some limited improvement in the neck.

This is often combined with liposuction of the neck as well. The recovery is very quick with only a small amount of swelling or bruising. One can literally have an 'unoperated look' within a week. And I say this as an advocate of 'full disclosure' when it comes to surgery recovery times. For the younger facial aging patient, this is a great procedure because it is an 'operation that matches the problem.' These smaller facelifts done over time may eventually avoid the need for a full facelift when one is older, or at the least, delay it until a much older age. And you will have looked better along the way!
Dr Barry Eppley is a board-certified plastic surgeon in private practice in Indianapolis, Indiana at Clarian Health Systems. (http://www.eppleyplasticsurgery.com) He writes a daily blog on plastic surgery, spa therapies, and medical skin care at http://www.exploreplasticsurgery.com
Visit the Department of Health website for information on surgical face lifts and procedures to reduce flabby jowls and smooth the jaw line, face lift results and risks.

For the BUPA fact sheet on surgical face lifts click here

Cosmetic surgery facelift procedures are carried out under a general anaesthetic and scars are hidden in the hairline. In the UK, face lift surgery should be carried out by a surgeon in a hospital or clinic registered with the Healthcare Commission. 




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