CACI non surgical face lifts and facial toning with a CACI machine


CACI Non Surgical Face Lifts



CACI Electronic Face Lifts - Lie Back for a Face Work Out!

CACI is sometimes known as the electronic face lift. It is a relaxing and painless face lift treatment which is available in many beauty salons and health spas.

During the treatment, the therapist uses probes attached to the CACI machine to massage your face. You may not feel anything at all, other than a gentle massage. Some people experience a very slight electrical sensation as the electrical impulses stimulate the muscles. Your treatment may be combined with other beauty treatments, and the probes may be used to massage in beauty products recommended by your therapist.

Author: Lin Parker


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CACI non surgical face lift treatments can be combined with facial products for effective face lifting and facial toning.


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