Brow lift surgery, procedure and results

~ remove lines from the brow
~ reduce drooping eyelids
~ endoscopic brow lifts minimise scarring
~ can be combined with a face lift
~ brow lift before and after pictures


Brow Lift Surgery



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Brow Lift Surgery - Get Rid of Wrinkles, Creases and Folds Around the Eyes
By Dr. Jim Greene

When it comes to growing old, one thing that eventually goes is the eye brow region of the face. When this goes, it starts to sag and droop giving a disgruntled look to your face. You have two choices to deal with this, you can either give way to natural progress and "age gracefully" or you can undergo a brow lift procedure. The choice is ultimately up to you.

This procedure will help to minimize the wrinkles, creases and folds that occur along the brow line of the forehead. This also means that it will affect the area between the eyes and at the bridge of the nose.




Brow lift before and after pictures

  The procedure is considered a remedy to the frown lines which develop between the eyes. Furthermore, as the bro area begins to sag, it will also cover over portions of the upper eye and by undergoing a brow lift procedure; this sagging skin is pulled back up into its rightful place on the forehead.

Before undergoing the procedure you need to make sure that you are healthy, followed by the fact that in general you need to be a non-smoker as well as you need to have a positive outlook of the procedure.

Furthermore, above all else you will have to have specific goals which must be realistic with regards to the procedure.

The surgery itself is pretty straight forward. For starters, you will be given an anesthetic which can be either an intravenous sedation or it can be a general anesthetic. This is usually a decision which will be made by the surgeon but you may also be given the opportunity to suggest either one if the surgeon feels you can.

The brow lift procedure is generally performed using an endoscope to allow the surgeon to see while doing the brow lift. The use of an endoscope also means that the incisions will be a lot smaller than in the traditional brow lift as well as a better outcome possibility than standard. Furthermore, when the surgeon uses the endoscope, not only is the recovery process quicker, but it also means that the surgeon can place the incisions along the natural creases of the face so that the scars will be far less visible.

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Department of Health information on the brow lift or forehead lift procedure, results and risks.

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The purpose of a brow lift or forehead lift is to remove lines from the brow, smooth the forehead, and reduce drooping eyelids. There are two procedures for performing a surgical brow lift, the first is the classic or open brow lift, and the other is the endoscopic brow lift.



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