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 More black women are seeking cosmetic surgery to enhance their natural beauty.Enhance your natural ethnic beauty with cosmetic surgery.


Cosmetic Surgery for Black and Ethnic Groups


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More Ethnic Groups Are Seeking Plastic Surgery   By Kendra Wagner

In the early to mid 80s, it was estimated that less than five percent of plastic surgery patients belonged to ethnic groups. By 1990, that number had swelled to 20 percent according to the American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons.

Today, more and more members of ethnic groups are turning to cosmetic surgery to enhance their natural beauty and restore a youthful glow.



Why has plastic surgery grown so much among ethnic patients
Part of the trend lies in improved surgical techniques and increased media exposure. While plastic surgery was once consider a taboo by both Caucasians and ethnic minorities, cosmetic work is now widely accepted by all groups and all ages. 


Tips When Seeking Plastic Surgery  
If you belong to an ethnic group, it is important to find a plastic surgeon attuned to your individual needs and goals. As you are looking for a doctor, go prepared with a list of questions in order to help determine who the best choice for your surgery is. Discuss your concerns and talk specifically about what you hope to achieve with cosmetic surgery.


More people today are aware of the potential benefits of plastic surgery as well as the many different procedures currently available. Some of the most popular procedures include breast augmentation, body lifts and nose surgeries. However, doctors also note that different ethnic groups have differing ideas about what is considered beautiful. While European patients prefer a more sculpted appearance, Asian patients typically strive for a much softer look.       


Another great idea is to ask your doctor about their prior experience working with patients from ethnic groups. If possible, ask your doctor to show you ‘before-and-after’ pictures of past patients. This is a great way to see what the doctor is capable of. You may also want to bring pictures that demonstrate the look you hope to achieve, as well as pictures of things you would like to avoid.

Enhancing Beauty While Retaining Ethnic Identity

 As more people from minority groups begin to seek plastic surgery, the need to enhance beauty while maintaining ethnic identity becomes increasingly important. Recently, doctors discussed the fact that different ethnic groups hold different standards of beauty. While traditional plastic surgery techniques are based on Caucasian ideals, doctors must modify their traditional operations to work with the beauty standards of Hispanic, Asian and African-American clients.

  You may want to consider seeing a plastic surgeon that has specific experience working with people of different ethnic groups. These surgeons typically have a better understanding of your unique needs, as well as experience creating the looking you are striving for. Most importantly, avoid surgeons who try to convince you to “Westernize” your look. The goal of plastic surgery should be to enhance your natural beauty, while still preserving your ethnic identity.
  The rates of plastic surgery among ethnic groups continues to grow. These people may have unique needs and reactions, which can make procedures such as facial plastic surgery more difficult. In addition to these specific concerns, all patients must consider other important factors such as plastic surgery cost.
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Spurred on by modern marketing and a cultural history that cherishes fairness, hordes of women across Asia are slapping on whitening lotions, serums, correctors and essences to bleach their skins.



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